BAC Volunteers Help Promote Cycling in the High Country

2014 was a great year for BAC, with the group mobilizing more volunteers than ever before to plan events and collaborate with other groups who promote active transportation. Here are just a few of the events we organized or helped with this past year. We sincerely appreciate the folks who volunteered their time and talents to advance cycling culture in our area!

bac rest stop bsg 2014

BAC members hosted two aid stations at this year’s Blood, Sweat and Gears.

highway cleanup bac 2014

This year, BAC adopted a stretch of highway between Rocky Knob Park and the Food Lion on 421 and completed three cleanups. We hope to see the sign with our name on it up soon!

eric marland watch for me kickoff

Eric Marland and other BAC members helped the Town of Boone kick off the Watch for Me NC campaign with a bike rally in August.

cyclovia banner

It takes lots of volunteers to make Cyclo.Via happen! Thanks to all of you who came out to help! Thanks to Jolynn Mahoney for all her hard work planning this event.

bike walk to school 2014

Yellow vested BAC members came out at the crack of dawn to escort student cyclists to school for Bike/Walk to School Day at Hardin Park.

bac rest stop bsg 2014 2

Dedicated volunteers turned out to man the aid station for BSG on the Blue Ride Parkway early on a foggy Saturday morning.


Mike Curcio and Roni Ellis, among other volunteers, helped kids get fitted with bike helmets and complete a rodeo course at ASU’s Emergency Fest last spring.











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