BAC and AppCable Collaborate

ASU’s Department of Communications will soon begin producing new content on local cable. AppCable will launch officially later in the year, and part of its mission, according to General Manager Michael Fields, is to “provide a clearinghouse for High Country not-for-profits, to assist them in explaining themselves to the community.” This project, called AppCable Reaching Out, is part of a larger initiative that also promotes the arts and culture in the area. BAC member Tom Mueller knew about AppCable and suggested that Boone Area Cyclists would be a good group to pilot the project.

BAC has moved quickly to take advantage of this opportunity to educate and advocate. “Boone Area Cyclists’ collaboration with AppCable is a new and unique opportunity to deliver our group’s mission of developing, coordinating and promoting safe and accessible bicycling opportunities in and around Boone,” said BAC president Clinton Marsh.

The first filming session will begin on July 19 at 10 am at Rocky Knob Park. Members of all ages and riding abilities are needed to come out and be filmed doing what they love to do–ride their bikes. “Our club wants folks who live here, and those that are visiting, to recognize our club and what it does, and can do, for the community and what better way to raise that awareness than through public service announcements on the area’s newest television station,” said Marsh.

BAC will also do its Adopt a Highway maintenance pickup on 421 that morning starting at 8:30 am. Members can also hang around for a group ride around noon after the filming. For more information about participating, email

AppCable will be available to Charter subscribers on campus and in the town of Boone, but others can stream the content online. Fields hopes that AppCable will be available from other cable providers eventually.

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